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Fresh and odor-free hard surface Cleaning
Hard Surface Cleaning

Burnishing of marble and inlay. Crystallization and sealing to all types of rock

The Crystallization of marble is a specialized activity where the marble is treated by a dusty acid solution by means of disk machines with sheer abrasive tools. The latter chemically reacts with the calcium and with some of the other similar minerals of the stone, generating a silky superficial layer with an powerful blaze. This operation emphasizes on the structure and the color of the stone and permanently preserves the latter from contamination, making it easier for maintenance. The Crystallization usually follows the penetrating cleaning of the marble surfaces.

On its own hand, the burnishing of elastic and hard floor surfaces is an operation, that can be applied to any type of floor surface, usually preceding by the elimination of the deep contaminants. The used solution contains waxes and cold reacting polymers and forms a thin protective film on the floor surface – with dull-finish and high firmness for preventing the penetration of contaminants to the spores of the surface.

Why have your tile and grout professionally cleaned?

In addition to carpet, other floor coverings are gaining popularity in homes today.  And, like carpet, these coverings take their fair share of traffic, spills, and abuse. For most, the old fashioned mop is the only means of cleaning ceramic tile and grout.  But have you ever really gotten those grout lines clean this way?  Sure, it might look better, but not like it did when it was brand new.  Most mops simply spread the dirt and grime around because there is no extraction of the soiling with this method.  Eventually the tile and grout begins to look darker.  Household contaminants from the mop have been absorbed into the grout between the tile leaving it dull and dingy.  Ever tried the toothbrush method?  Talk about back-breaking!  And you usually get the same results as mopping.

Fortunately, BMS Technologies now offers ceramic tile and grout cleaning for your home and office.  Our trained technicians can restore your tile and grout to like new conditions.  We use high pressure, agitations, and heat to immediately extract years of build up.

The process is simple.  After we examine and measure your tile, we establish pricing before any work begins.  That way, there are no surprises at the end of the job!  Then we apply premium grout and tile preconditioner and allow time for it to break down oils and soiling and agitate the grout and tile as needed.  We then pressure clean and extract the tile and grout with our truck-mounted, hot water extraction unit.  At the end, we vacuum up any excess water, move all furniture back in place, and review the cleaning with you.  Normal drying time is 10-15 minutes.  The tile may be slightly damp when we leave, which is normal.  If you must put traffic across the tile, we will leave shoe covers to keep from resoiling the areas until they are completely dry.

There is no set rule as to how often tile should be cleaned.  Frequency of cleaning varies due to the texture of the tile, the amount of foot traffic, whether the grout is sealed, the frequency of mopping, and the number of small children and pets.  You are the best judge to determine whether or not your tile has lost its luster.  We can even set you up on a routine cleaning schedule, cleaning every 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.  We will call to remind you when it is time for your next cleaning.

To Seal Or Not To Seal…. Is There Really A Question?

Sealing your grout is essential to protecting your investment.  Grout is made of cement, which is porous, and take on the colors and odors of oils, soil, grime, and other household contaminants.  The tiny holes in the cement can be filled with either whatever is spilled or tracked in, or you can fill it with a grout sealer.  Grout that is not sealed will eventually ruin your tile floor.

The benefits of grout sealant are numerous.  Ever spilled soda or juice on your tile?  Once it soaks into the grout, your chances of removing it diminished greatly.  If the tile is sealed, it basically repels the liquid and wipes right up!  You spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things that are important to you.  Mold and mildew can grow in unsealed grout that is continuously exposed to a wet, humid environment. By sealing the grout, this completely eliminates mold and mildew from growing deep in the grout.

We apply grout sealant immediately after cleaning.  It is a clear, penetrating sealer that will protect the grout from future discoloration without changing the appearance of the floor.  Most floor dealers recommend applying sealant when the flooring is installed, but it does not last forever.  Periodic reapplication of the sealant will extend the life of your tile greatly.