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Mission: Control the environment quickly to help mitigate further damage
Corrosion Damage Recovery

Corrosion Control

BMS's corrosion control can save most types of electronics from TVs, computers, DVDs, and compact disc players to one of a kind industrial machines. Electronic equipment corrosion control in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting is a two-step process that begins with emergency treatment followed by restoration.

Removing one or more of the elements of corrosion - moisture, oxygen, or corrosive medium - causes a temporary break  in corrosion. Our corrosion-inhibitor spray, for example, restricts the flow of oxygen to damaged  metals. Emergency treatment is quick and inexpensive. Plus it creates a state of preservation that allows you time to consider all options.

Next, the restoration process begins with the unit being dissassembled and cleaned  in detail. Our technicians remove contaminants by hand or in ultrasound  tanks. A protective coating is applied to prevent further damage. This greaseless, non-conductive coating usually lasts one to two years. Following the application, the unit is reassembled.

Lastly, if a maintanence agreement or service policy is in effect, we will work with the proper people to get the equipment recertified.
Remember, corrosion begins immediately after fire or water damage. Its control depends on how soon these steps are taken.

Corrosion Damage Recovery